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“I know what I like… but I don’t know how to get there!” When it comes to decorating, does that sound anything like you?

Well, I heard it so often from friends and family that I launched Lorri Dyner Design to help people like them – busy professionals and families – who want to take their homes up a notch but they just don’t know how.

My approach is simple: I use easy, affordable and clever solutions to take your space from “eh” to “ahhhh!!!” Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks. And did I mention I love a good deal?

I believe that beautiful surroundings can hold the promise of something better for ourselves, and anyone – yes YOU! – can have it. It’s my privilege to help you get there.

  • You Can’t Go Wrong With a Bamboo Shade

    I sometimes hear from friends that they want to “complete” a look in their living room or bedroom by using a window treatment, but they don’t know how to even begin – curtains? blinds?  The choices are endless, and what if we make a mistake?? Why......

  • In Search of The Perfect Kitchen Lantern

    I am in serious pursuit of a new pendant light for our kitchen.  Here’s the one we inherited from our house’s former owners…     Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of lovely rooms that boast a nice Tiffany lantern.  But this look......

  • Thanksgiving with Kids: Fun & Easy Ideas

    Last year on Thanksgiving day, we had 6 kids under the age of 10 running around our house.  It was so fun! I thought it would be nice to make their experience special by adding in a few extra touches.  (My ideas also distracted them......

  • My Easy (and Cheap!) DIY Curtain Rods

    I’m so baffled by how expensive curtain hardware is.  Have you noticed this, too? Here’s an example – a simple curtain rod plus brackets will set you back about $50-100 at Pottery Barn, and then you also need to buy finials ($15 each) to screw......

  • Tweaking 2 Dining Rooms…Before & After!


  • 5-Minute Xmas Decor Idea

    I am so excited to share this super simple decorating idea with you.  For those of you who feel overwhelmed or time crunched, listen up!  This holiday decorating trick is for you! Ready? Collect your holiday cards from years past and put them into picture frames.......

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