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E-Decorating Services

Not in the area?  Working on only a couple of rooms?  Willing to do some of the heavy lifting (like measuring, installing, etc.)?  


My e-decorating service can work for you!




E-Decorating is perfect if you want a decorator’s touch and you don’t live nearby.  It can save you money, it allows me to finish your projects more quickly, and it avoids the need for in-person meetings.

It’s just like a normal decorating project, but instead of in-person, we do everything virtually (via email, internet, etc).   I build a design board around your style, wants, and needs and present it to you via email.  I also send you a shopping list and very specific instructions.  Once you receive my plans, you can implement them according to your own timeline and budget.


E-Decorating in action!







1) You fill out my e-decorating questionnaire and hit submit.

2) I review your information, and within 48 hours I will respond to you with a ton of questions and ideas!  Once you decide you like the direction our project is headed, you pay the e-decorating fee to kickstart the process (via PayPal, Venmo or Google Wallet), and we are off to the races.  

3) In just a couple short weeks from the start date, you will receive the completed design, with all components sent by e-mail. Fast and easy, but never short on style!

4) As part of our e-decorating process, I am also available for limited “post project” consultation.  That means you can ask me questions you forgot to ask before, or tie up loose ends.  




living room + family room $595

bedroom $495

dining room $395

office $375

entry $295




I can’t wait to make your dream home a reality!  Fill out my e-decorating questionnaire to get started!  






Lorri is very talented.  She has an “eye” and transformed many rooms in my house.  She is very creative and professional and reliable. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I would do it again.  I highly recommend her!    ~GL


Lorri “got” our style, but also gave that style a few “kicks” and encouraged us to consider some elements that pushed us a bit outside our box.  Our house look[ed] more sophisticated and thoughtfully decorated!  Loved the digital board and the Pinterest pages–for me it was so helpful to see options and how the pieces would all work together.  ~LW


I loved Lorri’s great advice on what pieces required splurging, and what pieces could be found from more affordable sources.  ~EPW