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3 Unexpected Places to Find Throw Pillows

3 Unexpected Places to Find Throw Pillows

Are you afraid of injecting color into your home?  Don’t worry, it’s very common!  Choosing colors can feel intimidating, and also permanent (if we’re talking wall color, for instance). One easy (and cheap!) way to bring some color into your living room or bedroom is through decorative throw pillows.  And it’s very little commitment.  But I just hate it when I see these gorgeous throw pillows with a WOW-za price tag to match.  I mean, some of these pillows are $300 each, and who gets just one throw pillow?  You really do need three or four or more to complete a look. 

Here are three unexpected online sources where you can find some crazy good deals and fabulous styles.

1)    www.etsy.com

 Okay, many of you may already know that this is a great place to find adorable decorative pillows.  But I have to admit, I’m a newcomer!  I love that these are handmade by one person, sewing his or her little heart out.  And the prices are so reasonable.  All of these pillows below are less than $50 each.

brown stripe pillow
blue ikat pillow
pillow greek key
pillow suzani print
You definitely have to dig, but Overstock.com is a great place to find some super interesting and inexpensive throw pillows.  Who knew?
pillow blue bolster
{ Malibu Blue via Overstock }
Yes, that’s right – Amazon.com proves yet again that it’s the place you can buy absolutely *everything*.  As an urban working mom, I swear I am single-handedly keeping Amazon.com in business (I buy everything from diapers to water filters on this site!).  But only recently did it occur to me to look at Amazon’s home decor offerings.  There are some real gems if you are willing to dig.  And the prices simply can’t be beat.
pillow orange creamsicle
There are so many more to choose from, but I’ll stop there.  Are there any unexpected places you’ve found stylish, inexpensive throw pillows?  Do tell!
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