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5 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space AMAZING

5 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space AMAZING

Even though it’s cold and rainy here today, I just KNOW spring is around the corner!  I’m going to comfort myself by dreaming of all the amazingly cute outdoor accessories that are out there right now, perfect for all the outdoor entertaining I hope to be doing soon.

Okay, so at my house, a new outdoor “spiffing up” isn’t really in the cards right now (sniff, sniff).   So I decided to gather my fantasy accessories and create a “look” that I hope YOU (or someone you know!) can replicate in your own outdoor space.  Sound good?

So here they are, all the elements for my fantasy “outdoor room”:

1. Outdoor Rug

Seriously, throw a rug on your back patio and it just oozes “welcome, friends!”.  This has to be the #1 thing you can do to transform your outdoor space.

Here’s my pick:

calista rug

The Calista Rug, Home Decorators, ~$200


2. Pillows

If you’re going to have chairs outside – even if they are just dining chairs – you’ve GOT to put some outdoor throw pillows on them!
These are my favorites (they go so well with that fun gray Calista rug!).  Each pillow is from Target and about $15:
target outdoor pillow
lorri dyner orage outdoor pillow

3. Umbrella.

I’ve been wanting to talk about the amazing patio umbrellas at Pier One for a long time.  I’ve never SEEN patio umbrellas like theirs.  Some have funky, Asian-influenced shapes and some have really bright patterns.
This has to be my favorite right now:


pier one umbrella


4. String Lights.


Ah yes, of course!  String lights!  What is it about string lights that just scream “party”??
Love the round bulbs on these guys:
amazon string lights


Hang them from one corner of your house to the other.   Or if you can’t do it that way, see if you can’t string them inside your new patio umbrella:
outdoor patio lighting


5. Chinese Garden Stool

I use these all the time in my decorating indoors, but the fact is Chinese Garden Stools are ceramic and can withstand all sorts of outdoor weather.  They are so pretty to look at, and despite their name – “garden stool” – they are unexpected in an outdoor space.  Go ahead!  Surprise and delight your guests!

This is the one I have in my own home:
chrome garden stool


You’ll see here I took my own advice one summer and placed it next to my “cheap and cheerful” Adirondack chairs:


Hope you enjoyed my little round up of “fantasy outdoor accessories”.  Let me know if you go for any of them!


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Thanks to you, I may be packing my bags and joining the cast on the set of Home and Family in LA at the end of this month!


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