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A Cheaper, Better Sheepskin Rug

A Cheaper, Better Sheepskin Rug

I just had to share this amazing find with you.

A few months ago, we visited some friends upstate (whose house is BEAUTIFULLY decorated), and afterwards I just couldn’t get their big fluffy sheepskin rug out of my mind.

Lorri Dyner Flokati (1)
We as a family have been admiring this rug for a while.   In fact, here we are paying a visit to the very same sheepskin rug in 2013:




So this winter, when it came time to decorate my friend Casey’s home office (as part of my amazing Office Transformation package!), I couldn’t shake the sheepskin.  It was perfect for the cozy feel we were going for.  BUT I just figured a sheepskin would be prohibitively expensive.

Turns out, you can buy sheepskin rugs at Costco.  And they are a BARGAIN.

I scored one in 4’x6′ and it cost $149.99.  YES there are other sheepskin rugs that are about the same price.  But I am promising you, the quality doesn’t come close.  This Costco rug’s quality is comparable to the 4’x6′ sheepskin on One Kings Lane (which retails for $999) or the 4’x6′ on Lulu & Georgia, which sells theirs for $538.

You can find the Costco version online here, and if it doesn’t work, just head on over to the nearest Coscto to return it, no questions asked.

Here it is in Casey’s office.  Fluffy and sturdy and pretty.

office sheepskin 2


Pretty sweet deal, right?  (PS, in case you were wondering!  Costco didn’t pay me to toot their horn.  I’m just really enthused about this product).


And by the way, I am bowled over by the response to my Office Transformation promotion.  I suddenly have Office Transformations coming out of my ears!  Because of the popularity of this package, I’ve decided to extend my promotion for another week.  If you email me by February 16 I’d be delighted to help you turn your workspace into something amazing.  You can find out more here.

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