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A Master Bedroom Perk-Up

A Master Bedroom Perk-Up

A few months ago, my sister-in-law Emily decided she wanted to do a little perk-up to her master bedroom.

She wanted to know – how can I make a few fresh changes without breaking the bank?

We did one of my typical e-decorating consultations over the phone and email – what worked in her space? what didn’t work?  what did she want her ideal space to feel like?

After our call, I sent her a bunch of ideas like “buy these pillows!” “Paint the walls this color!”  “get new lamps!”, things like that.  I also created a simple vision board for her room based on our conversation:

Emily and Ben's Room Vision Board


Here’s the “Before”:

before bedroom 2
And the “After”:

emilys bedroom 4


before emilys side


emilys bedroom orig 3



Are you dying right now?  Because I am really dying right now!  Didn’t she do a beautiful job???


Chiang Mai pillows from Etsy, lamps from Target


emilys bedroom 3


These elegant dressers are IKEA DRESSERS.  Emily painted them, added new knobs and also added overlays to the front of the drawers, which you can read all about here.  They really are the pride and joy of the entire redo.


I’ll do a separate post on these DIY dressers.  The outcome was phenomenal but it was a long and sometimes rocky road to get there.  I’ll have to give you all the details and lessons learned.

emilys bedroom close up


We’re still playing with bedding ideas (my vote was a neutral linen duvet, but she’s on the hunt for a ivory / oatmeal colored quilt because a duvet is too hot at night…).

And I think she needs a sunburst mirror over the bed.

emilys bedroom 2


Like this one:

sunburst mirror


Via Casa.com


But she doesn’t love the sunburst like I do, so we’ll keep hunting for something unique and pretty.

emilys bedroom 1

Thinking about doing a small perk-up for your own bedroom?  Here are a few tips for maximum impact and minimum cost:

1)  Paint the walls a warm, neutral gray

2)  Keep the bedding neutral and cheap (like a white duvet from Target)

3) Pay a little extra for designer throw pillows that really pack a punch.

4) See if you can manage an IKEA hack like my sister-in-law Emily did (more later!), or spray paint what you’ve got (like I did here) for a presto change-o look for little effort and low cost.



  • Emily

    August 22, 2013 at 11:13 PM Reply

    I have to give a plug here for the lovely woman I found on Etsy who made my Chiang Mai pillows- Linda at WestEndAccents. I knew exactly what I wanted (thanks to Lorri’s guidance) and searched the many vendors on Etsy who could make the custom pillows. Linda was by far the most reasonable and she did an excellent job- great quality and very quick turn around! I would highly recommend her if anyone is in search of their own Chiang Mai pillows!

  • Laura

    August 23, 2013 at 9:10 AM Reply

    Beautiful! And very inspiring!!

  • Alexa

    August 24, 2013 at 6:58 PM Reply

    Looks so great Emily and Lorri! Well done!!

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