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Amateur DIY Art

Amateur DIY Art

This painting is the most recent addition to our dining room:

diy painting final


I painted it myself!


I’ve always had a thing for “black and white” art.  You’ll see a lot of this on my Pinterest boards:

modern art



When I saw this awesome wall art below featured in House Beautiful I knew it was perfect for our dining room.  BUT each one is over $300, and I would need to purchase two…




So I thought, “HOLD THE PHONE! I can TOTALLY paint that myself!”   And a new DIY project was born.


It doesn’t get easier than this DIY.


1) I purchased a piece of painter’s canvas from a local art store, (sort of like this).  I measured out a big area (to leave enough room for framing later) and had the guy cut it to size.  You can also purchase ready-made-already-stretched canvases like this.

2) I used black paint I had left over from our black lacquered banister.  I grabbed any old paint brush.

3) I quickly made loopy loops on the canvas.  I just went for it.  No fear! 



For the frame, I WAS going to just have someone at Home Depot cut some molding for me so I could make a frame and then spray paint it, but then making the frame myself back at home seemed too complicated.  I am, after all, a “remedial DIYer”.  I needed something simple.

I took my sad floppy canvas to Michael’s, and I just told the guy I wanted a frame.  Nothing else.

They were having a major sale on frames.  YES!  But only on the brown ones, and I wanted a black frame.  BOO!  Well, I thought, I’ll just buy the cheaper frame and spray paint it black.

diy painting3

(Victor, the guy at Michael’s was so nice he emailed to follow up)


Which is exactly what I did.


diy painting8

I was going to staple gun the canvas to the frame but then worried the frame was too fragile.  So I literally used DUCT TAPE AND THUMB TACKS.  It doesn’t get more “remedial DIY” than that, people!

DIY painting kodak

Super modern art paired with weathered and traditional furniture.  Love!


Why DIY art is a good idea:


1)  This looks like a “REAL PAINTING”.  This is on a canvas, not some digital print on a piece of paper.  There is no glass over this canvas.  Authentic and unique.

2)  You can customize the size!  In my case this was fabulous.  I have an awkward space here – the ceiling is low and the teal console is high.  I have a super short area to deal with height-wise coupled with an extra wide space.

3)  One word – Cheap!



Any successful DIY art in your home?  Share any tips, please!


  • Bonnie

    December 11, 2013 at 12:17 PM Reply

    I would BUY your art piece!!! Beautiful!

  • Chris

    December 30, 2013 at 11:37 AM Reply

    Really cool, I love this!

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