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Art Within Reach: Etsy Abstracts

Art Within Reach: Etsy Abstracts

A few of you have asked me in the past to talk about affordable art – Where to find it?  Any good deals out there?

I really haven’t broached the topic yet because WHERE do I even begin?  There are countless resources for cool, tasteful art that is also totally affordable.  I can’t possibly fit everything into one post.  So, I’ll be doling out some tidbits along the way…

Today, I can’t wait to show you some artists I’ve found (or read about) on Etsy.  These peeps are so talented, and the prices can’t be beat.


Linda Monfort

I’ve read about Linda Monfort a time or two in Blog-land. She’s got some beautiful stuff.  Here are two that grabbed me but not all of her work is ‘fluffy’.  She has some nice geometric black and white numbers as well…

linda monfort

Linda Monfort on Etsy, $350

linda monfort

Linda Monfort on Etsy, $90


Lauren Adams

I learned about Lauren Adams on the West Elm blog.  Adams’ watercolors are divine.  Her bold colors really pack a punch.  I would love to see one of these in a gallery wall in someone’s family room.


lauren adams


lauren adams 2


I love Tracy Kafka’s bold use of colors and her powerful lines.  I can’t choose which one I like best, they’re all so fabulous!


She also has the best marketing around.  Check out the picture below: “This painting can be yours for $250 and your living room will look like this!”  I, for one, am totally sold.

tracy kafka 5


tracy kafka2


I love the texture in this one.  (Literally, the texture of the paint!).
tracy kafka 3



And here it is hanging in your new living room:


tracy kafka 4


Loving this artist’s use of color – rich, fantastic colors!
She creates collages (not just paint) to create compelling stories and interesting texture.
heather murphy


These would look great in a happy kitchen or in someone’s home office.
heather murphy 2
I’m sure there are plenty of talented artists on Etsy that I missed.
Want to share your special find?  Happy Etsy Hunting!
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