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What do you do with a Beautiful (Old) Crib Bumper?

What do you do with a Beautiful (Old) Crib Bumper?


If you’re anything like me you went completely nutso when you were pregnant and purchased crib bedding that was WAY too expensive.  Not to mention, you purchased a crib bumper that you can’t even really use!

My daughter’s crib bumper in particular was just so painfully beautiful I just couldn’t let it go.  Of course, I couldn’t do anything with it so I just stuffed it into a closet in her room.

Then one day I thought – a HA!  What if I could turn it into something else?

Here’s the latest in my “Lazy DIY Video Shorts,” a series that’s all about split-second perk-ups for your home.

In this video, I give a tutorial on turning your child’s crib bumper into a baby doll mattress and crib bumper.



I think you’ll find the result is really cute, and you won’t believe how EASY it is to do.

I also love that there’s a sweet, nostalgic piece to this project – something your daughter is using for her baby dolls was in her own crib not too long ago…(sniff sniff!)


Enjoy!  If you can’t see the video, you can also find it HERE.

Baby Doll Drib Bumper

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