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Bite-Sized Decorating Ideas: A New Series!

Bite-Sized Decorating Ideas: A New Series!

One idea I can’t stop obsessing over is that decorating your home doesn’t have to be hard.  I speak to so many clients and friends (and blog readers!) who feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to making their spaces beautiful and livable.  And I want to run up to them like Billy on the Street and shake their shoulders and shout “Listen to me!  Don’t worry! Decorating can be broken down into a series of simple steps!”  (haha – can you imagine?).

My new video series “Bite-Sized Decorating Ideas” is a new experiment, a new way to bring you these simple steps and ideas.  I’ll be releasing a bunch of these puppies over the next several weeks – just an assortment of easy, accessible bite-sized ideas (and bite-sized videos – they’re like 30 seconds!).

Today, it’s all about mixing throw pillows. Drum roll, please….

Can’t see the video?  You can also find it here.

It’s my mission to bring ease and fun into your decorating life.  And I always love hearing what questions or decorating challenges YOU have – I’m happy to help.  Simply comment below!


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