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California Cool: Reese Witherspoon's Home in Elle Decor

California Cool: Reese Witherspoon's Home in Elle Decor

Have you seen the latest issue of Elle Decor by chance? Reese Witherspoon invited the magazine to take a peek at her beautiful home in the Ojai Valley.  I found it so charming I just had to share some of the pictures.

Okay, so here she is looking all cute and pregnant.

So take a deep breath… and behold this glorious outdoor setting.  Can’t you just see the kids running all over the lawn while the adults sip their glasses of pinot gris?

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Being from California, I guess I have a special place in my heart for Spanish mission style homes.  When done right, they are so aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for casual living.  Here’s a nice shot of the entry.

According to Elle Decor, the property sits on seven acres and was originally built in 1923 as stables for Edward Drummond Libbey who made his fortune in glassware (how you make a fortune in glassware is beyond me! But I digress…).


Witherspoon used designer Kristen Buckingham to decorate the place – apparently she has experience with Spanish-style homes and she stayed true to the home’s original character.

See how “no frills” this living room is?  Very low-key, but also beautifully pulled together:


I like that you can incorporate so many different looks into Spanish style homes – both traditional elements (the chandelier!) and contemporary elements (the table lamps!) look equally at home.  The sisal rug, by the way, is from Pottery Barn – I love it when designers mix in the low with the high.




This is her little girl’s room – look at that super cute built-in bed.  The “feel” of the room is definitely girly but doesn’t stray from the home’s overall aesthetic.


Here’s a quick peek of the front of the house I nabbed from Curbb, I think from when it was on the market five years ago.  Isn’t it pretty?  The setting really takes you back to another place and time…I half expect the Pony Express guy to ride up at any minute with the week’s mail…

Via Curbb


Some other shots (via the MLS), before Witherspoon bought it.  She really did keep the integrity of the house, but you can also see some significant differences.  The living room, for instance, has the same bones but is quite different now.

Via Hooked on Houses


Hope you enjoyed this beautiful home as much as I did – a little bit of heaven on earth.