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Celebrity Pinterest Pages

Celebrity Pinterest Pages

It’s true…the entire *world* is on Pinterest, including all those dazzling celebrities we read about!  I discovered some celebrity pinterest boards that focus on interior design, and I have to say, some of these folks have pretty good taste.

Actress Katherine Heigl proves she’s “just one of us”  – her pinboards are full of fun DIY crafty projects just like yours and mine.

katherine heigl picture

Via kheigl.com

She’s also got a fun “beautiful home” pinboard full of pretty ideas.  Looks like her style is modern with funky, girly flair.

baby room katherine heigl

Via Pinterest

katherine heigl bedroom

Via Pinterest

She says she “loves” this Glam-o-Rama room.   I do too!

glam baby room katherine heigl

Via Pinterest


Diane Keaton’s Pinterest boards are like works of art!

diane keaton wood allen


She has the  most distinct style.  Literally every picture looks something like this:


diane keaton room

Via Pinterest

diane keaton room 2

Via Pinterest


Oh hey I’m glad to see someone else thought a cardboard animal head was a good idea!

diane keaton room 3

Via Pinterest

Looks like Katie Couric might be making plans for a new house (or maybe just some redecorating…?).

katie couric

Her “Decor I Heart” pin board is full of cool decorating ideas.

katie couric decor

Via Pinterest

She also has a really distinct style – it’s sort of cozy retro-modern, with tons of color.

katie couric decor 2

Via Pinterest

katie couric decor 4

Via Pinterest

So pretty!

katie couric decor 5

Via Pinterest


Perhaps my all-time favorite Celebrity pin boards belong to Ivanka Trump of all people.  This girl has style!  And she has perfected her brand – a nice combo of young and accessible and high-flying glamorous.

ivanka trump

Okay, this is not how I look when I’m hanging out with my kids.  First of all, I haven’t picked up a book in about a year.  And she’s wearing heels AND she shaved more than one leg?!

You know you’re awesome when one of the living rooms you pin is your own living room:

ivanka trump decor

Via Pinterest

Not surprisingly, her design picks tend to be quite glamorous.

ivanka trump decor 2

Via Pinterest

ivanka trump decor 3

Via Pinterest

ivank trump libaray

Via Pinterest

Isn’t it fun to see how distinct and different each person’s style is?   Who is your favorite?


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  • Bonnie Joyce

    September 25, 2013 at 2:05 PM Reply

    Love your post, Lorri. I laughed out loud at your comments. Girl, you need your own talk show! xoxo

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