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Quick, Cheap and Cheerful Xmas Decor

Quick, Cheap and Cheerful Xmas Decor

If you were to take a snapshot of my daily life right now you might find me reading stories, changing newborn diapers, or cajoling a certain toddler into the car so we’re not late for nursery school.

Basically, when it comes to holiday decor, if I can’t do it with one hand, in under 5 minutes, then it’s not happening.

Hence my current obsession with “ornament decorating”.  What is ornament decorating, you ask?  Take a bowl or a vase and pile in a bunch of ornaments.  I know, pathetic.  But hey – it doesn’t look half bad!  


Here are some “cheap and cheerful” ornaments I nabbed at Kmart in 2006, piled quickly into glass hurricanes.  I really like the unexpected colors not usually associated with Christmas.  And they actually match my Chiang Mai pillows pretty well~


Another pile of cheap and cheerful ornaments, fresh from Costco.  The garland I bought at the last minute from the grocery store!


More ornaments, more piling…



And there you have it – a house ready for Christmas! Sort of.

Any Cheap and Cheerful xmas decorating ideas in your house this season?

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