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It’s a Chiang Mai Party (My Favorite Pillow Pattern)

It’s a Chiang Mai Party (My Favorite Pillow Pattern)

Despite my best efforts, I can’t shake my love for Chiang Mai, the magical fabric pattern by F. Schumacher:

chiang mai


Love the Chinoiserie feel, the pops of color.  It’s just perfection in a pillow.

As soon as I could, I used it in my own home:



I tend to yammer away to anyone I can get my hands on about design trends I love – the Chiang Mai pattern is no exception!

Before I knew it, the enthusiasm started spreading…

You may remember I did a little “master bedroom perk up” for Emily in San Francisco:



And not too far away in the Bay Area, I told Katherine about Chiang Mai and she opted for the ivory background in her family room.  So pretty, and check out the bamboo shades behind the sofa.  I always say you can’t go wrong with a bamboo shade…!



Before I knew it, Chiang Mai had swept nation – my friend Megan in New York decided she had to have a little Chiang Mai in her own life.  She used it in her master.  How fabulous is that wallpaper?!





My friend and sometimes client Jessica in New York also agreed to a little Chiang Mai flavor.  She bucked the trend by opting for the beautiful Mocha background in her living room. Love that pop of orange behind!




Even Texans had to get in on the action!  My preschool friend (yes, she is literally my friend from preschool!) Alexa decided to integrate Chiang Mai in her Dallas living room after I had told her about it, and she picked up on the red and green colors which I thought was fun and different:



I guess the moral of the story is if you love something, chances are someone else might love it too.  So you might as well shout it from the rooftops!

The other lesson here is that Chiang Mai rocks, and it doesn’t get old.  It’s a beautiful pattern that keeps on giving.


kiddo in chair



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