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Chic Little Houseplant: The Fiddle Leaf Fig

Chic Little Houseplant: The Fiddle Leaf Fig

I was reading one of my favorite blogs recently – Pure Style Home – and noticed this picture below…

Via Pure Style Home

The author is in the middle of a whirlwind of a move and shot this scene to show the disarray… but all I could focus on was that awesome houseplant!  So chic, so modern.  WHAT is that plant??  I must have one!

Turns out, it’s the Fiddleleaf Fig Tree.   Now that I’ve spotted it, I seem to see it everywhere.

Via Stephen Knollenberg


Via Harpers Bazaar



Via Houzz



Reese Witherspoon’s dining room in the Ojai Valley, profiled in Elle Decor recently:

Via Elle Decor



Isn’t it terrific?  Graphic in shape, the color is fabulous, and the bold stature almost reads as another piece of furniture.


And now for the REALLY good news – it appears that it’s hard to kill this plant.  According to a site called Tree Species, “Abundant but not direct light is recommended,” and, even better: “Don’t overwater the plant.  The Fiddle leaf fig does well with short dry periods between waterings.”


Yes!  A gorgeous houseplant that’s low-maintenance?   It doesn’t get better than that…!