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Chin Up! Wallpapering the Ceiling

Chin Up! Wallpapering the Ceiling

I spotted this adorable idea in the last issue of HGTV magazine.  This creative mom wallpapered her three daughters’ ceilings – all the same wallpaper but in different colorways.  How great is that idea?!





This wallpaper is called Daydream by Hygge & West – comes in a ton of different colors.





I love, too, that she didn’t spend a fortune papering all four walls (just the “5th wall”).




We don’t really see wallpaper on a ceiling very often, despite wallpaper’s raging comeback.  And when we do, it’s usually in a kid’s room.  (Why is that?  Maybe because it looks whimsical?).

star baby wallpaper


How about this one? This yellow stripe is just about the cutest idea I have ever seen for a baby’s room.

yellow stripe



Wallpapered ceilings also work when a room is super small, like a powder room or a room with a low ceiling. It almost gives the effect of a jewel box:


kelly wearstler




See how this room is really small?  The dark walls and the pretty trellis wallpaper on the ceiling really draw your eye up.  Makes the room feel…roomier.


trellis wallpaper




I think I’m way into this idea!  I can’t wait to use this on a future project.  What are your thoughts?  Yay or nay on wallpapering the ceiling?

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  • Essa Bella

    September 6, 2016 at 1:27 AM Reply

    These are the wonderful wallpapers for the ceiling. The room looks very charming.

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