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Curb Appeal: Before & After Inspiration

Curb Appeal: Before & After Inspiration

Is it just me, or are you pacing your house just *waiting* for Spring to arrive?

For me, it’s a fairly straight-forward equation:  newborn + high maintenance toddler + drifts of snow = cabin fever!  I just can’t wait to throw open those doors and get outside!

We moved into this lovely little place in September of last year:


The former owners left this place in great shape, and I thank my lucky stars we don’t have to do any work on it.  But I would like to change up the front yard a bit, replacing those huge hedges with smaller plantings, and installing a white picket fence out by the curb so my kids can run around in the front yard without veering into the street.

I found the most perfect blog for curb appeal inspirationStudio G waxes poetic on all things garden and landscape design, but what I REALLY love about their blog is the countless Before & After projects

Like this one:


julie before




Whoa – talk about a transformation!  That is no joke!

julie after




Whether it’s a closet or a backyard, I just LOVE a Before & After where there is major tidying up…

brad before




brad after




Oh, I just love this next one!  Can you believe what a huge difference new landscaping makes?


melissa before




melissa after




Just when you think “hey, that looks pretty good.  Why would you want to change anything?”

shephard before



Never mind!  This is amazing!

shephard after




Okay, this house is a little blah but it’s not half bad, right?

sue before



Whoa!  Holy Transformation!

sue after



I think this might be my favorite:









I don’t know about you, but I’m already digging through my garage looking for my gardening spade…


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