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Bite-Sized Decorating Tip: 4 Steps to Decorating a Console

Bite-Sized Decorating Tip: 4 Steps to Decorating a Console

I’ve had such a ball pulling together my “Bite-Sized Decorating Tips” series – a whole host of decorator tips and tricks in a series of mini videos.  This is the last one! (If you missed the others, never fear – you can watch more here  here  here … or here!).

Today, it’s all about decorating (or “styling”) a console table.  You know, those tables that sit in an entry way or along a random wall in the hallway or living room.

Did you know there’s actually a FORMULA for pulling together a console table?  You don’t need any decorating talent or know-how.  I boiled it down to 4 easy steps in this super short video:


Can’t see the video?  You can also watch it here.

Now for my NEXT video project… what would YOU like to see?  More bite-sized tips?  Some easy DIY projects?  Decorating dilemmas?  I want to do it all!

  • Kathy

    February 16, 2016 at 11:10 PM Reply

    I’ve been looking for real and practical decorating tips like this! Thank you Lorri. Duly noted. 🙂

    I am taking on a new hobby myself, which includes various DIY home decoration projects. You may be interested to check out my humble blog, as well: http://www.sewingideas.eu

    • Lorri Dyner

      March 15, 2016 at 10:28 AM Reply

      Thanks Kathy! Isn’t blogging fun? I’ve found it to be such a creative outlet (AND it keeps me actually doing the projects I say I’m going to do…..)

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