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“Decorating Light” in Action

“Decorating Light” in Action


Here’s a fun Before & After from one of my recent clients:


liz before 2


And After!
liz after

Can you spot the differences?  Well, the answer is “not a whole lot” – but it still looks a lot nicer, right?

This is what I call “Decorating Light” in action – I really try to take what someone already has in their living space and just bump it up a notch.


In this case, I just helped my client Liz add some decorative touches – we swapped out her Persian-style rug for a sea grass rug with a white cowhide layered over it, and we added this gorgeous reclaimed wood table from Etsy.




Oh, and I suggested she add my favorite go-to chrome Chinese Garden Stool, from Amazon.com:

liz house after 5


Liz also swapped out the old dark brown drapes she had inherited from the former owner with some beautiful new blue patterned drapes; (you can spot them in the background).




It really only takes a few simple changes to pull a room together and really take it to the next level.  Isn’t that nice to know?



  • blue hydrangea

    August 12, 2014 at 7:44 PM Reply

    Found you while looking for images of Lulu DK Moondance, which I have a big crush on And then spent the last 20 mins reading your blog…love it!!

    • Lorri

      August 13, 2014 at 5:25 PM Reply

      That’s so sweet- thanks for the comment and so glad you read my blog!

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