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Decorating…with a Kumquat Tree

Decorating…with a Kumquat Tree

I know, you’re probably thinking, “decorating with a what…??”  But I just had to devote some space to the decorating magnificence of the Kumquat tree. 

I love how tidy this plant is – the waxy green leaves, the small, plump, oval-shaped fruit.  The Kumquat is used widely in Christmas decor (see below – so beautiful!), and also during Chinese New Year. It’s a citrus fruit, so it will show up in jams and marmalades as well.  
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But for more permanent decorating purposes, I’m thinking of the Kumquat in more of a topiary form.  Something like this:

I am always trying to find ways to inject color into my home, and I find that using green houseplants is such an effortless way to do that.  The Kumquat takes the houseplant effect a few steps further – the pop of orange is so pretty and unexpected!  And the look of the tree in topiary form also takes on a traditional, almost Chinoiserie feel to it. 
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 Here’s the fruit up close (see pic below).  So pretty, and doesn’t it just look pungent?  I’m told that some Kumquats are sweet but the ones I know are sour.  My parents have Kumquat trees in their yard in the Bay Area – we had my new East Coast-based boyfriend (now husband) try one off the tree thinking it would be sweet and OOPS! It was totally sour.  Thank God he realized we weren’t trying to poison him and he continued dating me anyway…
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One of my favorite home decor retailers Viva Terra is currently selling a mini Kumquat topiary.
{ “Fukushu Kumquat Topiary” via Viva Terra }

Apparently it can tolerate the outdoors as well as a windowsill.  I want to order three or four for my future fantasy house!

The tree in the picture below is actually a “Calamondin Orange,” a hybrid between mandarin orange and kumquat. And it bears fragrant white blossoms in late winter or spring. Delish! 

How would you use a Kumquat tree in your home decor, either in real life or in your “fantasy home”? 

1) One or two smaller kumquat trees perched on a kitchen windowsill?

2) Mid-sized Kumquat topiaries flanking a front door?

3) A few potted Kumquat trees lining your patio in the backyard? 

4) Any other fun ideas?