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DIY Star! Thanks Home & Family

DIY Star! Thanks Home & Family

Last week I had the great privilege of visiting the good folks at Home & Family, a morning TV show that airs on the Hallmark Channel.

I was a finalist in their competition to be their next DIY Guest Star!



I can’t tell you how much fun this was.  They flew me in to LA on Sunday and the next morning, my driver Borna took me on a tour of Universal Studios (this is us in front of Whoville):


The Home & Family set is not far from Whoville, right in the center of Universal Studios.  It looks like a real house but it’s actually a TV set:


I’m not excited AT ALL to be here!


For my special DIY project, I made paint-stamped curtains, using vegetables and everyday household items!

I spent most of the afternoon prepping my DIY project with my fabulous props pro Monica and wonderful producer Milena.

We started by ironing the curtains so they were free of wrinkles:


Then we tried out all different vegetables to see what worked best as stamps:



The celery worked great (as did the bok choy).  They made beautiful roses:





It’s actually so easy to do:  Brush a thin coat of acrylic paint onto your veggie, apply even pressure when you stamp, and then lift it up all at once so you don’t leave behind globs of paint.


Here’s our first curtain, coming together nicely (and that’s a shot of Monica, who hates having her picture taken!).  See how they just prep all their projects in the “driveway”?





And the next day, we taped the episode!

I was super nervous in the beginning:



But then we went to the “dining room” and filmed my segment, and it was incredibly fun:




You can see my full segment here!  As for the competition?  Even if I don’t make it to the next level, it was so worth it.  What a cool experience.

I have to say, the cast & crew just couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming.  It was truly a fun, happy set!  I left just buzzing with happiness inside.  Thank you, Home & Family for welcoming me with open arms and for making my experience so wonderful!




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