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Easy Christmas Mantel: Reindeer in a Wreath

Easy Christmas Mantel: Reindeer in a Wreath

My best ideas come in my sleep.

“What if,” I thought to myself in a half-conscious state, “I put the cardboard reindeer from our basement playroom over our living room mantel?”  (Please don’t ask me why I think about decorating in my sleep and not solutions for world peace).

This was the cardboard reindeer I was thinking of.  I mentioned him a while back in a blog post I wrote on fake taxidermy:

our basement reindeer


So, up he came to live over our mantel for the holiday season, and I actually think it worked well.  I don’t know if you can tell, but I strung battery powered twinkle lights from his antlers which added some fun.

IMG_0724 (1)


I got my deer head at Cardboard Safari for about $30 which I think is a terrific deal.  It’s fun and easy to put together, (not to mention a great wall art solution for any time of year).

IMG_0726 (1)


I love injecting some humor into home decor – living rooms and the holidays don’t have to be stuffy!  And I love that this is the ultimate affordable decorating hack (use what you already have!).


IMG_0729 (1)


Interested in doing it yourself?  Here’s a DIY cardboard reindeer idea. Adorable! You can see more (including a tutorial) on Minimoz.

DIY cardboard reindeer

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