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Putting Away Holiday Decor? Try This Easy Hack

Putting Away Holiday Decor? Try This Easy Hack

Welcome to 2016!

Hey, have you started putting away your holiday decor yet?  I finally tackled it a few days ago – sealed up those boxes and put them all away, and then found this under the couch:



Ahhhhh!!!  So frustrating!

But I found a cool hack to deal with all the holiday bits and bobs that are likely going to surface over the next few weeks.  It’s one of the best ideas I’ve come across.

Watch it here:


Can’t see the video?  You can also watch it here.

This is my first week back at work after a whirlwind two-week holiday.  I was dreading coming back to work but now that I’m in the flow it feels good!  I’m glad to be back!  How about you??

By the way, I have a cool new year’s promotion I can’t wait to share with you.  I’ll check back in later in the week with details.  Stay tuned!

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