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Entry Hall Redo

Entry Hall Redo

When you pass through our front door, you walk a few steps and are faced with this little vignette:

2nd entry 2

Pretty boring, right?   I like the sunburst mirror (a fairly inexpensive find – only $70 on Wayfair), and the bamboo table fits on the small wall, but talk about needing some accessories!


I first added preserved boxwood topiaries and my beloved foo dogs:

2nd entry

Looks better, but I didn’t love the dark brown color of the bamboo table, and the boxwood pots didn’t do anything to help the situation.


So, I took matters into my own hands.  Thought I’d try this out…



I lightly sanded the bamboo table to rough it up.  You can see the dark brown color:

2nd entry 5


I think the spray paint worked pretty well!  And it was *so easy*.  Here’s a shot post-paint. Loving the smooth black lacquer:

entry angled 2 use


And I replaced this boring topiary pot:


2nd entry 9


With these cool mercury glass vases I found at Home Goods (for $10!):

hiya use


Here’s the view from our front door now:

instagram entry try again

In other news, today felt like Spring!  We made our way to Blue Hill Farm at Stone Barns in search of outdoor adventure.  It’s a magnificent place – they’ve got the whole farm-to-table vibe going.

blue hill


Our son saw farm animals and helped hoe a garden.  And he engaged in a staring contest with this huge pig:

pig stare down

It was a special day!    Happy (almost) Spring!


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