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Etsy Makes It Easy: My Top 5 Decorating Finds

Sputnik Chandelier by Lucent Light Shop

Etsy Makes It Easy: My Top 5 Decorating Finds

What did I even DO before Etsy came along?

I love Etsy for its pillows, that is no secret, but I also use Etsy all the time for any number of decorating items.

Here’s a quick list of my top 5 favorite Etsy decorating finds…(you might be surprised to learn that some of this stuff actually CAN be found on Etsy!)


Lucent Light Shop

I can’t even deal, I love these sputniks lights so much.  These are HAND MADE.  And the prices are seriously reasonable.  I’ve had my eye on this sputnik for a while; dying to put it in my master bedroom:

lucent lightshop 2

Via Lucent Light Shop


This light makes me so happy I’m beside myself.  Does it make the room shine or what??

lucent light shop

Via Lucent Light Shop

You can find Lucent Light Shop here.

Craft Mei Gold

I was delighted when Chelsea, the owner of Craft Mei Gold, found me on instagram.  I didn’t know her shop existed!  I’ve since fallen in love with these adorable, trendy gold foil prints:

gold picture

I love, too, that she adds fun & personality to her prints.  You can have stuff custom made, by the way – a great idea if you’re looking to inject personality into your gallery wall or your kids’ room.

hey yall

You can find Craft Mei Gold here.

Lamp Shade Designs

Dana, the owner of Lamp Shade Designs, is a total rock star.  When I called her A WEEK before I was supposed to appear on the TODAY Show, she rallied and got me a huge supply of perfect custom lampshades pronto.  Look at all the shades I had to choose from!  I literally couldn’t choose:


Her shades are tasteful and pretty, and beautifully made.

Today Show Aug 2015

Make Your Lamp Look like a Million Bucks

You can find Lamp Shade Designs here.


Elpis Works

I was nervous to buy a big piece of furniture on Etsy – but when I found this “live edge” table for a client, it was too perfect to pass up.  You can see it here, sitting under the orange lamp:

Lorri Elder Dyner, 16 Mountain Avenue, Larchmont NY

The guys at Elpis Works were responsive, on time, and the product was beautiful.  They make their stuff in the Pacific NW which adds to the romance I think 🙂

live edge maple table
You can find Elpis Works here.


Aleta Fae

Yes you CAN find a fabulous and huge pouf on Etsy, and Aleta Fae is here to prove it.  I’ve had clients buy poufs from her a few different times, and they love them.

aleta fae 2


They’re great for putting your feet up in front of the sofa, or for baby nurseries:

aleta fae

Always a solid product, always beautifully made.  I recommend!

You can find Aleta Fae here.


So there you have it!  Were you surprised about any of the items I mentioned?  (Like, did you KNOW you could get sputnik lights on Etsy???).  Some day I’ll have to post an entire blog on Etsy pillows, by the way – I can’t get enough.  (You can see for yourself on my pin board, “(Pillow) Talk is Cheap”.

  • McKenna michel

    September 17, 2015 at 11:19 AM Reply

    I was just looking for a lampshade “guy!” Thanks Lorri, awesome finds!!

  • Dana Quist

    September 21, 2015 at 4:59 PM Reply

    I seriously love those sputnik light fixtures. They are stunning!

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