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For Sale! The House Next Door

25 million house in for sale in Manhattan NY

For Sale! The House Next Door

New York is a funny place.  How many other normal, god honest down-to-earth people can say that the house across the street from them just went on the market … for $25 million?  Yes!  You read that correctly!

I live in a large, “normal person’s” apartment building, and just across the street is a series of three townhomes, one of which was just put up for sale (that red one on the corner).  I have a clear view of it from my apartment, and I often wonder about its history.

{ Here’s Charlie, spying on our neighbors from the living room…}

As long as I’ve lived across the street from this place (almost five years), I’ve never seen the lights on – it has obviously stood vacant for a long long time. It’s strange and creepy in a delicious sort of way. 

Now, I know New York is a unique place, and I guess there is something special about living in your own house right on Central Park.  But you tell me… is it worth it?  Here are some internal pics of the place:

{ all photos via Brown Harris Stevens }
Now, don’t get me wrong – I love living in New York!  But let’s just say if I had $25 million to pony up for a residence, I might go for something that looks a little more like this…
{ Park City, Utah }

Can we please just take a moment to pause and observe that the kitchen opens right onto that glorious water and beyond?  Makes my heart stop.
Why, hello mountain!
Here’s another one on the market, this time in Southhampton, NY.  Anyone a fan of the TV show Revenge?  This house reminds me so much of the Grayson’s mansion.
Gee, if you had $25 million to burn, you could buy this incredible home in Santa Barbara (on the market for $22 million) and still have $3 million left over!!  I guess you need to furnish the place, right?
 { all images via Sotheby’s }

To be fair, if the city’s your thing and money is no object, then a townhouse in the middle of Manhattan might be just what you’re looking for.  But I think my own personal “money is no object” home fantasy involves a slower pace, peace and quiet, and beautiful natural surroundings… hmmm, maybe it’s time to move out of the city!
Hope you were able to get carried away a little with me on this “Fantasy Friday” …  Have a terrific weekend!