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The Genius in Swapping Out Knobs

The Genius in Swapping Out Knobs

Ready to hear one of the easiest and cheapest decorating secrets I’ve ever come across?   It is simply this:  as often as you can, swap out boring knobs for something really special.

This is the TV console in our family room. Both my husband and I can’t STAND it.  It’s been with us forever, and it’s just so boring!


Getting a new one is just not in the cards right now.

But look how sneaky I was by swapping out those knobs.




Now we have just a smidgen of mid-century modern edge.

I want to use those brass pulls everywhere – they are so chic!  and so cheap!  I bought them at Anthropologie – perhaps the best place on Planet Earth to find interesting and design-forward knobs and pulls.  You can go back often because they are almost constantly changing up their inventory.


Okay, raise your hand if you have an el-cheapo run-of-the-mill dresser like I do.  I think this thing is made of particle board.

Again, a new piece of furniture is not going to happen.  So I did the next best thing and got rid of the standard-issue pewter knobs:

dresser post knob 2


Bye bye boring pewter knobs, hello gorgeous glass globes!bristol knob

This is the Bristol from Rejuvenation – you can select the base in a number of different finishes like polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze.  I’ve also seen it used in bathrooms to beautiful effect.

Rejuvenation is also a great resource for hardware – their thing is historical accuracy and “period authenticity”, so you’re not going to find ceramic cheetahs or rhinestones. Just straight-forward good quality hardware.


dresser post knob

My dresser is just a little snazzier.


Okay, my final example.  My entry console!

You’d never guess that I found this console in the clearance aisle at Home Goods, right?


I found those gorgeous knobs from Anthropologie.  They carried them for literally two weeks before they sold out!

But the beauty of Anthropologie is that they are constantly bringing in new inventory.  If you’re going to do a knob purchase now and you want something similar to what I have above, I think this knob could give you the same, glamorous effect, or this one.


orange console

Why yes, that IS me in HGTV magazine…  


Here’s my knob resource round-up:

Anthropologie – awesome for trendy, design-forward, inventive knobs and pulls.

Rejuvenation – great for straight-forward “period authentic” hardware.

– I think Etsy is one of the best!  Such original stuff there.  Can you imagine these knobs on a black lacquered console table?  I die!

– For high-end designer finds I love Liz’s Antique Hardware (I’ve long had my eye on this amazing brass ring pull), and also Nest Studio (I’d love to see this one in a newly renovated kitchen).

– I used to love Land of Nod for knobs (you don’t need to be a kid to use them!), but for some reason their inventory looks less than stellar at the moment.  You may want to check anyway, because they may have plans for good stuff going forward.

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  • Sarah's Book Shelves

    January 16, 2015 at 7:46 AM Reply

    I love your quick and easy fixes type posts! And thanks for the list of resources! When I start to focus on decorating a house at some point in my life…I know where I’m coming!

    And – your orange console table is still my favorite thing I’ve seen on your blog – LOVE it!

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