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How to Hide Ugly TV Wires: My Latest TODAY Show Hack

How to Hide Ugly TV Wires: My Latest TODAY Show Hack

One thing that drives me nuts is staring at all the “ugly stuff” in my house – computer wires, routers, remote controls, TV wires.  I want to see beauty and clean lines!  Not my blinking router!

I came up with a bunch of easy hacks / ideas to “Hide the Ugly Stuff” and pitched it to the TODAY Show producers – they loved the idea and a segment was born!

Today, I want to tell you about one of the ideas in more detail – How to Hide those Ugly TV Wires.  How many of you want to hang your TV on the wall, but you’re afraid of this??

plasma-arm-before (1)

Ugly Wires!

And so many of us don’t want to deal with making a hole in the wall (to thread the wires behind the wall), OR let’s say you’re renting and you simply aren’t allowed to make a hole.

I found an awesome idea from another blogger “The Front Poarch” – she made an easy fabric panel and simply placed it over the wires.   I tried it myself and it totally worked!  I was jumping up and down with joy!

IMG_1929 (1)

Yes, there are wires hanging down that wall, hidden behind the panel. 

This is how I did it:

1. I purchased long pieces of “general hardwood” at my local hardware store and nailed them into a rectangle.

(see the piece in the middle?  That’s to make it more stable).

IMG_1861 (1)

These pieces were 8′ high by 4′ wide – the perfect size for a fake NBC props wall.  I thought it looked great behind the width of the TV, too.  In your own home, I suggest eye-balling it (and consider going totally floor-to-ceiling – bigger is better in this case).

2. I stapled fabric to the wood. 

I simply cut a piece of fabric into a rectangle that was slightly larger than the wood, laid it face down on the ground (and made sure the pattern was straight), and then laid the wood on top of it.  Folded the ends of the fabric around the back of the wood and stapled away…


IMG_1862 (1)


3. I cut a rectangular hole in the fabric.

You want to cut a hole that fits over the mounting hardware.  You can see me showing the producer the hole in the pic below (I made two panels so I could show viewers how I did it!).

IMG_1886 (1)


4. Finally, I placed the fabric panel against the wall, and mounted the TV on top. 

Love the furniture placed in front of the panel and the whole scene – prettier than wires, right?

IMG_1891 (1)


I’ll share more tutorials from this segment in the future.  In the meantime, you can watch the whole segment here.


Thanks, Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager.  What a fun morning!


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