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It’s the Little Changes…Making a House a Home

It’s the Little Changes…Making a House a Home

Moving with my family to a new house in a new town may not have been the smartest thing to do while nine months pregnant.

For one thing, I am so tired it seems all I can do is get up long enough to put chicken nuggets in the toaster oven for my 2 year old and then I have to lay down again.


You can imagine, these days I’m finding serious victory in the little changes we’re making…I thought I’d share a few!

Here are some *blah* upstairs closet doors that were begging for a pick-me-up:

EASY solution – new closet pulls!  These chrome bamboo handles are bigger than I thought they would be but who cares?  It’s an improvement, right??  Got a great deal on them – only $7 each – on myknobs.com.

Chrome bamboo closet pulls


Tossed out toddler’s old light fixture… you can see it sort of sadly hanging there…


And put in a new ceiling light fixture, see below!  After obsessing over this George Nelson bubble lamp for weeks I finally decided to bite the bullet.  So glad I did, words can’t describe how awesome this light is in real life!

The George Nelson stuff isn’t cheap unfortunately (and I REALLY did my research!); Y Lighting had the cheapest I could find.


The George Nelson Bubble Lamp in Boy’s Room


YIKES – this is the welcome mat that greeted our visitors… Until yesterday!

The NEW welcome mat.  woo hoo!  The perfectionist in me really wishes the “D” was a big block letter and not this cursive mess, but honestly I can’t find the box it came in or the receipt so this is it!

New & Improved Welcome Mat

After a few trips to the Home Depot it’s Bye Bye old fashioned light switches!


Hello 21st century!   Swapping out old light switches for new, modern ones is ridiculously gratifying…



And speaking of the Home Depot, my toddler called out, “ohhhhh!! pumpkins!” on our last visit there, so we brought some home. And some mums too which I really hope I don’t kill.


We actually had a moment, my son and I, after we placed the flowers and pumpkins on our front porch and stepped back to admire our work.

Such a simple gesture but it made me sentimental – Here we are, a young family beginning a new chapter in a lovely little house that we are working hard to make our own, one little change at a time…

It just doesn’t get better than that.




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