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Give Me a Moment: Large Scale Photography

Give Me a Moment: Large Scale Photography

Large scale photography is really having a moment.


filiciahrse 001

 Designer Visions showhouse designed by Thom Filicia


Top designers like Thom Filicia have been using large-scale photography for a while now, but suddenly I’m seeing it everywhere. 












House Beautiful July 2013, designed by Ashley Whittaker


house beautiful april 2013

House Beautiful cover april 2013



beach dining room



You can find the print above on 20×200 which sells this photographers’ limited edition prints for affordable prices.


Speaking of amazing large-scale beach scenes, have you heard of Gray Malin?

He’s best known for his arial shots of globally famous beaches.

blog large scale photographyVia

gray malin photo




He also does ski slopes…

gray malin ski slope



If you’re thinking about starting to collect art but not sure where to begin, his photographs are a great first step.

I have started seeing Gray Malin periodically on One Kings Lane, at really good prices.  Every few months, there it pops up again!  Keep your eyes open.   And I will too.  🙂


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