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Liebster Award

Liebster Award

One of my favorite bloggers, Lindsay from Life of Splendor, just nominated me for a “Liebster Award”.   This is an award for new, up and coming blogs.  Lindsay tells me that “Liebster” is a German word that means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing.  I am so honored that Lindsay thought of me and my blog!

I have to say, in being nominated for this award, I am in really good company – have you read Lindsay’s fabulous blog yet?



Lindsay pulls off parties and interior decorating projects with aplomb.  Check out one of my all-time favorite before-and-afters, her master bathroom renovation, which has gotten a ton of press and social media attention:


Master Bathroom Before:


Master Bathroom After:

Via Life of Splendor

 Holy cow!  Isn’t that an amazing redo?  Even better, they did the whole thing for about $1800.

So, in receiving this award, I’m supposed to share five random facts about myself with everyone.  So here goes:

1)  I can sing!  I’ve always been able to warble a little Ella Fitzgerald and I ended up singing backup for a swing band in Washington, DC for one evening.  🙂

2)  Probably the coolest thing I did as a Congressional aide in my 20s was to spend the night on this aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

3) My first car in high school was a 1967 white Mercedes Benz – this thing was HUGE and the engine was so loud you could hear me coming for miles.  It was basically the most uncool vehicle imaginable.

4) Besides watching every HGTV show on air, I am also a Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives addict.  Who knows why, but I can’t get enough of the country’s greasiest hamburgers and scrapple.

5)  One of my favorite things in my house is this teal sideboard from Horchow.  

Here’s a picture of it, sorry it’s a little small…

It’s my decorating “cheat” – people always assume I got it during my travels to Asia or found it in some back alley in outer Brooklyn…but in fact, it was a Horchow.com find, click click and it was mine!


Now onto the exciting part where I nominate another deserving blogger… hooray, Josie Girl!

Written by my friend Yael, who is fashion business legend Josie Natori’s daughter-in-law, this blog is so worth a read. Here she is with her husband Ken and son Cruz:


Via Who Is The Josie Girl


Josie Girl is chock-full of terrific observations, as well as all kinds of “finds” and tidbits and ideas for life.  My favorite posts have been about the service Denim Therapy (they fix your beloved jeans – just send them in!), her fabulous recipes (hands-down my favorite is her Kale Salad recipe), and her various posts on very cool, young designers.

Yael writes with an earthiness that makes you feel like she’s your bud, and her wording and writing style is often hilarious as well.  She cracks me up!  I’m telling you, visit Josie Girl!  Her blog is truly a piece of sunshine delivered to your inbox.

Thanks again to Lindsay of Life of Splendor for including me in this fun award, and thank you Yael of Josie Girl for inspiring me several times a week.


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  • Lindsay

    August 10, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Lorri! I’m sorry I’m just now getting here. I’ve finally gotten somewhat caught up from all the craziness and travels of the last two weeks and am back to blog reading. Can’t wait to hear about your moving and decorating adventures!