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Madeline Weinrib Textiles – A Visit to the Queen of Ikat

Madeline Weinrib Textiles – A Visit to the Queen of Ikat

So, it’s no big surprise when I say the Ikat print is officially “in”, and has been for a while!


West Elm Essex Upholstered Bench, Ikat Gray/Flax - Beige



But where did this trend get started?  One trailblazer certainly stands out.  Madeline Weinrib is a designer and painter and the granddaughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib.

Almost 14 years ago, she started showcasing her “global” style rugs at ABC, and her influence as a textile and rug designer has grown exponentially in the past few years.

Here’s a shot of her home in New York City to give you a sense of her style:

Via Elle Decor

So, Weinrib has been featuring her textiles and rugs at ABC all this time, but just this year she opened her own showroom a few blocks away.  I’ve been reading about the showroom opening for months now, but bloggers and the New York Times make the place seem so intimidating!  It’s “by appointment only” and virtually impossible to find out any more info other than the 5th Avenue address and phone number – geez.

Well, I happened to be in the neighborhood a few weeks ago, and because I was with my friend Carey I had the courage to call up and see if we could drop by.  I was so pleasantly surprised when we were greeted by the nicest sales girls on the planet.  They were delighted to have us!

The 3,000-square-foot space is simply fantastic.

 See the large loft-like space?  And there are those cute salesgirls in the background.

Shelves of pillows – I first learned about Madeline Weinrib through her fabulous Ikat pillow coverings:

And a whole table of them…

The rugs are also exquisite:

We spent quite a bit of time pawing through the fabrics.  I wish my iphone could capture how detailed these patterns are, and how “right on” the colors are.  Carey and I were drooling!

Beyond the Ikat patterns… her embroidered fabrics are like works of art:

Some shots of Weinrib’s patterns in action:

Via Elle Decor

 You may recognize the Mandala rug, below.  It’s everywhere!

Via Splendid Willow

Via Domino Mag

This is Nate Berkus’ living room, I believe his Chicago apartment before he moved to New York.  Isn’t the rug so fabulous?

Via jpm design


Planning a shopping trip to NYC any time soon?  I totally recommend visiting Weinrib’s Atelier as a fun, unique excursion.

The showroom, at 126 Fifth Avenue, is open by appointment only!  But just call and I promise they won’t bite:  (212) 414-5978.


  • Carey

    September 7, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    your pics are great! what a fabulous place. could have hung out there all day!

  • Heather | Vivid Hue Home

    September 8, 2012 at 10:06 PM

    i’m a huge lover of madeline weinrib!!!! thanks so much for sharing !!!! love your blog btw. found you via pink pagoda and i’m your newest follower! xoxoxo

    • Lorri

      September 11, 2012 at 3:57 AM

      Hi Heather – thanks for your comment and thanks for following. I’m thrilled to have you here! I just followed Vivid Hue Home too!