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Making DIY Projects Easier: Cool Home Improvement Tools

Making DIY Projects Easier: Cool Home Improvement Tools

Are you like me, cozy inside today and waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive?  I’m actually not in my house – my husband and I decided to abandon our abode in the ‘burbs and head to my in-laws’ place in NYC.  We feel like the biggest wimps!  Who knows if this is the right decision, but I figure if we’re on the 7th floor of an apartment building we can’t get flooded out, right??

If I WERE home right now, I know exactly what I’d be doing – attempting all kinds of DIY projects that I can’t seem to get done on “normal” days.  Once I do start my flurry of DIY activities, I’ve already found a handful of really cool tools that will help make my projects pleasurable and easy.  Here’s a short list of my faves:

Staple Gun

One of my favorite blogs is Little Green Notebook – this interior designer is so prolific with her “do it yourself” projects it’s awe-inspiring.  She has tried out multiple staple guns for simple upholstering jobs and has selected the best one, so we don’t have to:

The Power Shot Pro, for less than $30!  Can’t get a better price than that.  

 Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to attempt a complex upholstery project.  I’m thinking something like this, where you basically drape a piece of fabric over an ottoman and staple it underneath:

Via The Chronicles of Home


Electric sander

One thing I just can’t wait to do is to paint my entry demilune table either a lacquered black or an orange / coral color.


Entry hall table – I’m coming after you!


I keep reading that if you want your furniture to actually look good after you paint it (and not peel after a month), then you really do need to sand first.  Bleck!  Who has the interest or time?  But I hear that a handheld electric sander makes your sanding project SO much faster and easier.  This is recommended by an amateur woodworker on Apartment Therapy, for $154:

Bosch 3727DEVS 6” Sander – $153.49 on Amazon


Extra sticky primer

Okay, even though I do think I’ll go ahead and sand my demilune table like I’m supposed to, I’m still enamored of this other great idea – a super sticky primer that means you don’t need to sand before painting your furniture!

Blogger Centsational Girl talks about her favorite bonding primer, oil based Zinsser Cover Stain – it dries quickly and leaves a smooth surface.  Awesome.

zinsser primer

Look at her before and after.  Amazing!

dresser before left


dresser after left side font




Hang & Level Picture Hanging Tool

You may have read my post on how to hang a gallery wall of picture frames – once you’ve planned out your gallery wall, this tool can help you hang your pictures with no drama.  Basically, you hang your picture on that hook up on top, hold the contraption up on the wall and then push one of those buttons that marks exactly where your nail should go.

Hang & Level - The Picture Hanging Tool

I bought this puppy for $15 on Amazon and I can’t wait to use it!  It’s going to make my family room gallery wall so much easier to pull together.

gallery wall

Via Classy and Style


Paint Pen

I just read about this super cool idea in the latest issue of House Beautiful – basically, you fill this pen with your paint colors, then use it to touch up dings, dents and scratches.

Slobproof.com, $20

Our movers left behind quite a few dings and scratches, which are especially visible on my new black lacquered banister (which drives me crazy every time I look at it).  I love that I don’t have to call my painter back to do touch ups – I can just do it myself.  So satisfying!

Now, if only I can find the time to actually USE these tools…

I hope you and yours are safe and sound today and tomorrow as #Sandy approaches.

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