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Mix it Up! The Dining Room Perfected

Mix it Up! The Dining Room Perfected

I’ve been brainstorming decorating ideas for our dining room.

dining room before

I already have a few things in place – a sand-colored sea grass wallpaper from Kravet on the walls, a chandelier from Ballard Designs, and my trusty teal sideboard that I nabbed at Horchow years ago.  So far so good!

The dining room table is giving me trouble, however.  I inherited it from my great-grandmother and it’s a perfectly nice table!  But I seriously do NOT know what chairs to put with it.  It’s a conundrum.


I’ve been looking at pictures of dining rooms for inspiration and I do think I’ve figured out a foolproof formula that will help me finish the dining room.  I see it again and again!

Here it is: Wood Table + Upholstered Chairs = Dining Room Perfection.  



See?  That table isn’t glass on top – it’s a very shiny wood.   Paired with a yellowed burlap finished in nail heads.  Just lovely.


Another example below – wood table + upholstered chairs!  I am loving the green stripe on these chairs – what a fabulous idea.  You could even glue-gun grosgrain ribbon onto your chairs if you were going to go for a less expensive, DIY option.


The Wood Table + Upholstered Chairs formula works well for any aesthetic.  Look at this awesome retro modern vibe:




A few people I’ve decorated for really do not like slipcovered chairs.  Maybe they thought the chairs looked less expensive?  Well, I love the look!  I think something like this could be a great option for our dining room:







This may be one of my all-time favorite dining rooms.  The orange is just brilliant.



My wood table + upholstered chairs  formula also works in reverse!  If you have fabric on your table (eg, a tablecloth), then non-fabric chairs work best:


Here’s the idea again.  Love these wicker chairs paired with the tablecloth:




 Have you ever decorated with what you already have and weren’t sure how to make it work?   It’s so much easier to start decorating from scratch, isn’t it??



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