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Nail Head Trim That Will Change Your Life!

Nail Head Trim That Will Change Your Life!

It’s no secret that I think nail head trim is the best thing to happen to furniture since spraypaint.  Almost anything in your home can be made better by attaching a little nail head trim!


But I’m telling you, putting nailhead trim onto a piece of furniture can actually be hard to do.  (Here’s an embarrassing example:  hammering nail head trim onto a plain bench in this DIY YouTube video I did last fall. What  you DON’T see are the nailheads flying out of my hands every other time I hammered!).

So imagine my excitement when I finally discovered “flat backed nailheads“.  There are no nails at all.  Just a flat back that you GLUE onto basically anything.


I got mine on eBay for a just a few bucks.  You can also order on Amazon.

I decided to take these pretty blue shelves from Home Decorators and just perk them up a bit.

blue shelf


I used “gorilla glue” which is basically super glue (it worked great).


And I simply centered each nailhead using a ruler.

The nailheads are flat on the back because they’re filled with a hardened glue –  so you could actually affix them to fabric by melting the glue (you hold a hot iron over the nailhead- I don’t know the details but there are instructions).  Can you say upholstered headboard??

I did this whole shelf while watching a movie.  It was actually so relaxing and I felt so accomplished.  (Another crazy Friday night!!).

The end result is a more glamorous (and interesting) shelf.



Here are some other things I think I’m going to nailhead around my house….the outer edge of a writing desk in the corner, a set of picture frames (I’m going to nailhead just the corners), the outside of a lampshade, the frame of a mirror.   The options are endless.

Any creative nailhead ideas for your own home?


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  • BluJay

    May 19, 2018 at 11:15 PM Reply

    I saw a nightstand in home goods with nail head trim…thats how I found your site because I was like what???they sell flat nailjeads…let me Google this. The nightstand was covered with a thin CANVAS looking fabric, which I think can be accomplished with liquid starch. I will so be doing this project when I buy my house!! Thanks for additional inspiration

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