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Not Your Grandma's Monogram…

Not Your Grandma's Monogram…

Have you noticed all the “monogram mania” lately?  I know monogramming has always been popular in more traditional home decor, but now monograms are finding their way into younger, more hip homes.  It’s become a “thing”.


Via Leontine Linens

All the cool kids are getting in on monogramming.  West Elm is just one of many to jump on the trend…

Via West Elm

Modern, and fresh.  This is the bedroom of a young, hip person!

Via Decor Pad


Look at this fabulous monogrammed tea towel, via Miss Monogram on Etsy.  Beautifully done, and only $12!



This look packs a real graphic punch:

Via Red Door Home


More pillows from Etsy (I’m a pillow crazy person, can’t help myself):

Great for a kid’s room; Via Atelier Cotton


A fresh, modern look:

Via TootledooDesigns

Okay, maybe the following room isn’t exactly the epitome of “hip” decor, but I think the sculptural lamp, the bare-boned bed and the sunburst mirror all contribute to a more contemporary look.  And don’t the crisp, polished monogrammed linens really pull this whole thing together?

Via The Enchanted Home

This would look great nestled in a gallery of framed wall photos:

Via PB Teen

G is for “Good job incorporating a monogram into modern decor and making it work”:

via Endless Crafting

If you haven’t heard of C. Wonder yet, it’s time to check them out!  It’s a store located in NYC’s Soho, and the brain child of Tory Burch’s ex-husband Chris Burch.  C. Wonder sells clothes and home goods – their stuff is Palm Beach Preppy with a twist.  Not surprisingly, basically anything that’s not nailed down in the store can be (or is already) monogrammed.  Here’s a collection of decorative plates – a new take on something old fashioned.

 Decorative plates; via C. Wonder

Who knew that incorporating some monograms into your home decor could be so devastatingly hip?

Hope you are enjoying your summer – we spent the weekend in the Connecticut countryside with some friends who have rented a lake house for the summer.  There were thunderstorms most of the weekend so we never made it into the lake!  But we still managed to find some fun.  Here’s a shot of us raspberry picking – we had a ball:

Oh and PS if you haven’t seen my guest post on my blogging buddy Lindsay’s Life of Splendor, please go check it out!  I muse about our living room-to-be and share an inspiration board. Click here to see the post!

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  • Yael

    July 30, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    LOVE monograms! and love this post. I hated monograms for the longest time because I thought it was too waspy and preppy, but now, I am obsessed! They have the most amazing CUPS with letters on them at C. Wonder — I think that they are the perfect gift for a housewarming or birthday. Will definitely check out etsy for monogrammed goods. Thanks!