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Office Organization: A Quick Before & After

Office Organization: A Quick Before & After

I had the great pleasure of interviewing NYC celebrity professional organizer Angela Kantarellis earlier this week, and I asked her all kinds of questions about how to whip my workspace into shape (you can find that interview here).


Angela recommends asking yourself: are you a “piler” or a “filer”?   I realized that I’m definitely a “piler” – what a huge a-ha!

SO, when I started organizing my office this week as part of my “Office Transformation“, I honored my “piler” tendencies and purchased containers that I can pile stuff in, but not file away out of site.

Here’s a little peek at what I’ve done so far:

Okay, before my office makeover began, I was basically storing fabric samples in paper bags:

Lorri Dyner Storage before


So I went for an upgrade and opted for these pretty rose-gold wire baskets from Target:

Lorri Dyner Storage after 2


I can see my fabric all piled in there.  I love having that easy access!



Also, I realized that maybe piling papers on the floor wasn’t exactly a good organizing strategy.  But I don’t WANT a huge filing cabinet that stores everything away.  I really do want easy access and I want to see my stuff!

So I was at my local Michaels craft store and this puppy caught my eye:

Lorri Dyner Storage after 4


It’s made from wire mesh, and it’s actually made for crafting supplies, but I think it holds my random business cards, torn out magazine pages and fabric remnants nicely.


And beyond storage, I upgraded some of my accessories.  This is really the fun part!

Has it ever occurred to you whether your mouse pad is cute or not?  I didn’t even realize that mine was basically horrendous.  Also, my lamp and pen holder – I’ve been using them for 15 years!  Enough!




Okay here’s the AFTER:



Big difference, right? It’s like, oh RIGHT it’s 2016!  Time to get my office up to the present moment!

I found a TON of awesome (and inexpensive!) mouse pad options on Etsy – highly recommend.  And all that brass goodness is from Target.


More Target accessories for the bookshelf:



Here’s a round-up!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 2.19.24 PM


|  Large Metal Basket, $25.49  |  Casted Metal Steer Skull, $25.49  |

|  Gray Round Mouse Pad, $9.99  |  White Metal Scrapbook Storage, $44.99  |

|  Brass Task Lamp with Cylindar Shade, $55.99  |   5″ Succulent, $8.49  |

|  Nate Berkus Gold Gem Decorative Box, $11.90  |   Like A Boss Engraved Pencils, $3 for 2  |


Anything here tickle your fancy?  Having you gotten bitten by the “Office Transformation” bug yet??




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