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DIY Nightstand: My Very Own “High-Low” Project

DIY Nightstand: My Very Own “High-Low” Project

I’ve always loved faux bamboo furniture; it’s just the epitome of Chinoiserie fabulous.   And coupled with black lacquer?  It doesn’t get any better.


I recently came across this elegant nightstand.  Beautiful, right?  Price tag?  $600!



Via Blue H and Home, $597


Check out this beauty.  Price tag?  $35!

after whole room angle


That’s because the nightstand used to look like this:

table before


We bought it from someone on Craigslist.   And to think I almost tossed it!  But then, I saw this picture (and the $600 price tag):



and thought, “hey, wait a minute…!”


I promise you, I have zero bandwidth for any DIY projects that require more than an hour.  Thankfully, this whole thing from start to finish took just 30 minutes of labor (and then an hour of drying time in between paint layers).


We did a bit of sanding (120 grade sand paper did the trick):


My assistant dutifully sands for 3.5 seconds before becoming bored and asking for juice. 


And sprayed it lightly a few times with my trusty black lacquer spray paint:




By the next day, the nightstand was back in its rightful place, a spiffier version of its former self:

after whole room angle


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this project is how much dressier you can make a table (or a dresser, bathroom cabinets, etc) just by replacing the knob!



knob close up



new knob close up


I had that chrome knob left over from my kitchen cabinets, rolling around in my junk drawer, so I decided to use it.  It’s the Duluth from Restoration Hardware.


Okay, if you’ve been following my blog you’d know that I basically spray paint anything that’s not nailed down.  I just can’t help myself !  It’s so unbelievably easy to transform something with a little spray paint!  And no brushes, no clean up.  I’m seriously hooked at this point.  More to come!

after whole room 1


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