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Presto Change-o: a New Entry!

Presto Change-o: a New Entry!

Things are slowly coming together in our new house.  It’s been fun to make some changes!

Thought I’d show you a sneak peek of our entry hall…


Here, my friends, is our entry hall “before”:

“AACK!  What IS that thing?!” you may be wondering…  No, it is not a medieval torture device.  It is actually our doorbell.  Note too the pinkish tile floors at the bottom…we ripped up the tile and laid down new hardwood flooring.  Much better.
I knew I wanted to hide the doorbell – but how?   Some people suggested I start over and cover the whole area with drywall, and of course start over on the doorbell front.  But I decided to go the less-elaborate route.  I had a handyman remove the molding so I could hang a mirror flush over the wall and just cover the whole thing up.

Yikes!  Does it get any uglier than this?!

Oh, I also found this demilune table on clearance at Home Goods.  It was a sad, tilting thing with drab, blah knobs:


I found these flashy fabulous knobs at Anthropologie, and I think they perked up the piece right away.

I think the red color is *fine* but at some point I do want to go back and apply a thick, shiny lacquer to this thing in a coral color or even a bright orange.


We hung a Pagoda style mirror from Horchow over that doorbell, and after a new paint job (that’s Benjamin Moore’s Inner Balance, by the way – LOVE this color!), and some new floors, I think we’re starting to see some real improvement!



And the AFTER:

Hey it’s not perfect and there’s lots more to do, but I think we’re getting there!

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