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My Quest for the Fake Furry Stool

My Quest for the Fake Furry Stool

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this forever.  Did you happen to see the incredible living room redo in O Magazine about a month ago?  (Emily Henderson redid this living room.  Isn’t it great?)





Out of the whole room, the thing that really grabbed my attention was that fake furry stool.  What a FIND!!  A great little accessory that  adds some whimsy and design presence.

Imagine my joy when I learned it was from Target.  Brought to us by none other than one of my decorating heroes, Nate Berkus.

faux fur stool

Faux Fur Stool

Well, I’ll tell you, this Fake Furry Stool is not easy to find.  I mean, I scoured every Target, I looked online every day.  NADA.  But then my friend Megan found it.  Score!  Megan you are the best!

It’s living in my son’s room (for now!).


photo 2


The moral of this story is…well, there really is no moral of the story except that Target is truly amazing for inexpensive decorative accessories, and if you happen to be at Target and you see this fake furry stool, TAKE IT.


photo 4


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  • Bonnie

    September 30, 2014 at 11:55 PM Reply

    Lorri, We are getting a Target early next year. I cannot wait. Seriously cannot!!!!

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