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3 Quick & Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

3 Quick & Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you stuck without a gift for Mother’s Day this Sunday?  Don’t panic!  I teamed up with Good Day New York yesterday to create a bunch of fun and easy gift ideas for you.



Here are 3 of my faves that I think are particularly creative and easy:

1. Keepsake Baby Clothes Quilt.

I love this sweet, creative idea.  You simply send in your kids’ baby clothes to tshirtquilts.com and in a few weeks they send back a quilt made of the clothes.  It’s just so sentimental and thoughtful – I LOVE this gift idea.

This organization is also very special – they hire and train people who are deaf as part of their mission.  So wonderful!




The best part?  You can do it in time for Mother’s Day by getting a gift card for mom – a box will be shipped to her and she can gather the clothes and send them in at her convenience.


2. Personalized Day Planner and Personalized Stamps. 

I particularly love this personalized postage stamps idea.  We’ve all seen personalized stamps on wedding invitations, right?  But you can put ANY picture on the stamps, so why not a family photo or one of you & your mom?  I thought this was a sweet, creative idea.  And I love that it’s just $20.

mother's day calendar on Fox5

You can find the personalized Day Planners and Postage Stamps here. 

3. DIY Chalkboard Tray.

This was a little “Lazy DIY” that I cooked up.  I simply purchased a $15 tray from Home Goods and slapped on a coat of chalkboard paint.

You can use this tray to surprise mom with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.  But THEN the tray doubles as her gift!  She can use it to entertain later (I demonstrate below with the “cheese and crackers” tray!).



If you’d like to see the whole segment, you can watch it here.  Thanks to Fox5 NY and Good Day New York for a fun morning. And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!




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  • Dorothee Fisher

    May 3, 2016 at 6:25 PM Reply

    You always have so many great ideas, Lorri! Love the chalk board tray!!

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