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A Quick Decor Trick for Fall

A Quick Decor Trick for Fall

My mom had the most brilliant idea for decorating our front door (for Fall!) this weekend.  It almost didn’t occur to me to blog about it, it was such a simple and affordable decorating trick.

Here’s the tip – ready for it?

Can’t see the video?  You can also find it here.

You don’t NEED a fancy planter or a ceramic pot to make your flowers look pretty.  Just wrap a piece of burlap around your plastic flower pot – genius!

burlap end result (1)

This is how we did it.  We wanted to group those little mums together, so we gathered them with a rubber band (if you have only one plastic pot of flowers, you can skip this step!):

plastic pots (1)

Then we cut a piece of burlap to size, and wrapped it around the pots:

wrap burlap

To make life even easier, we used another rubber band to hold the burlap in place – no glue guns or string or anything.

We found our piece of burlap in the dollar bin at Target (you could also find some great burlap at your local Michaels or on a site like Fabric.com.  You shouldn’t pay more than a few dollars).

It works, right?  And by the way, this doesn’t have to be just a Fall thing, burlap is pretty to use any time of year!

I promised I’d post a picture of my Fall front door this year, and here it is:

Fall Front Door 2015


I’m so proud of it – it’s an explosion of color (and I made sure to use my annual corn stalks that I talk about here).

It would not have been possible without my mom (who was visiting from 3,000 miles away)!  She is the original “affordable decor” expert – full of creative ideas and a can-do attitude.  Thanks, Mom.  You are simply the best.

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