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Re-Invent Your Space in One Morning? Yes. We. Can.

Re-Invent Your Space in One Morning? Yes. We. Can.


I just had to share this “before & after” project with you because it’s just too good to keep to myself.  My buddy Becca Berk of Be6 Designs created this incredible bunk bed situation from a boring nook at the top of her clients’ stairs.


Buckle up!  This is amazing!

Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:


I KNOW!  Are you dying?  Because I’m totally dying!


Becca clearly has some serious design skills.  So, when I had a new, cool decorating idea that I wanted to explore, it was a no-brainer to ask her to partner with me. 


Becca and I both agree that people often DON’T need a whole huge, months-long decorating project.  Sometimes their homes just need a little PERK.  A little ZHUSHING.  

Lorri and Becca – Design Buddies

It’s actually one of our biggest decorator secrets – most people only need a little tweaking around the edges to breathe new life into their homes.  




So to meet that need, we have launched a new service called Done in a Day.  


In just a few hours we can:


  • Reinvent your living space by re-arranging furniture and “shopping inside your home”, using what you have in a new way;
  • Create order and polish by organizing and styling your bookshelves, coffee tables, end tables;
  • Hang your artwork – finally!;
  • Give a color consultation on paint colors


And if you want additional design services, we can also curate a Pinterest board just for you, and SHOP for any extra furniture or accessories we think would look amazing in your home.  


We have our first “Done in a Day” project this week!  I can’t wait to show you the before & after pics.


Do you live near SF and think you might be interested in this service?  Email Rachel at [email protected] or [email protected] to get started



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