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Sharks Attack Brooklyn Limestone: Halloween Fun

Sharks Attack Brooklyn Limestone: Halloween Fun

I have to admit, I’m not one for Halloween.  I know!  It’s probably unpopular to say that.  I do like the pretty pumpkins and Lord knows I love those candy corns, but all the goulish, scary, creepy stuff?  No thanks.

That’s why I love to see this yearly post on the blog Brooklyn Limestone.  Every year, she decorates the outside of her house in some elaborate theme. It’s making Halloween FUN, not creepy!


This year the theme is “Sharknado”:


sharknado 2

sharknado 3

sharknado 4

sharknado 5

See Brooklyn Limestone’s Halloween decorations from years past here.

I love it when people make the outside of their homes beautiful for a holiday – or in this case, interesting and fun.  It’s like a public service and I think really creates a sense of community.   What do you think?


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