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Simple (and Easy!) Fall Front Doors

Simple (and Easy!) Fall Front Doors

I love it when my neighbors decorate their front doors for Fall.  When I run (okay, more like walk!) through the ‘hood every morning, all the wreaths and pumpkins make me feel grateful that a new, beautiful Fall season is here.

But I ALSO know how intimidating it can be to decorate your front door for Fall.  Who has time, right?!  And where do you get all that stuff, anyway?

I totally get it.  But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive (yes!).  There’s a simple formula for getting your front door Fall-ready in a snap:  all you need to do is choose from THREE elements.

1) Pumpkins and Mums

Let’s start with the easiest idea.  (I’m lumping these guys together because they go hand-in-hand.)  Here are places where you can find pumpkins and mums:  your local grocery store, Trader Joe’s (for the best prices), Costco, Home Depot.

Here are the instructions.  Bring pumpkins and mums home.  Pile them along the sides of your front door.   Seriously, does it get easier than that?  And look how pretty:


Via Designs of Home


2)   The Wreath

If you want to take it slightly up a notch, I suggest adding in element #2, the Wreath.

In the photo below, What really makes the scene say “Fall” is the wreath (okay, and the pumpkins).  But doesn’t that wreath really make the scene?


Via Anika Mari


Of course, online shopping makes all of this easier.  Here’s a great one – reasonably priced – that has that Fall look:

wayfair wreath

And it’s actually on sale right now.


3) Corn Stalks.

This is one of my go-to Fall decorating tricks!  Buy some dried out corn stalks, prop them up, and call it a day.  Here’s a beautiful example:


corn stalks 2

Via The Yellow Cape Cod


I did it on my own front door a few years ago and got a great response from passers-by:

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Corn husks and orange mums this year #Autumn

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I found my corn stalks at the Home Depot!  They are so inexpensive!  If you don’t find some at your local Home Depot, try a local nursery.

So there you have it:

  1. Pumpkins and Mums
  2. A Wreath
  3. Corn Stalks


Pick even one or two from this list and you are in business.  I’ll make sure to post a photo of my own front door this year when I finally get my act together.   Expect to see some corn stalks!  Happy Fall decorating, everyone!

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