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Stamford, CT: More Than Antiques!

Stamford, CT: More Than Antiques!

I’m so happy to have Corey Cook from the family travel blog Fifi + Hop guest posting today.  Corey told me about the amazing home decor shopping in Stamford, CT (apparently it’s really worth visiting if you’re in the NY area!), and she was kind enough to write a blog post all about it.  Take it away, Corey!



Hello Everyone,

I am so pleased to be on Lorri’s blog today! I am a family travel blogger, and write about fun and interesting places, both local and afar, to take the kids. Like Lorri, I love interior design (but no expert like her!), and frequent Stamford, CT often for home shopping and inspiration. Stamford has long been known for its antique centers, but more and more modern stores and showrooms have been popping up, so there is a good mix of things to pine over.

On a recent visit, I first dropped in at The Antique and Artisan Center. I have been here a few times before and appreciate its eclecticism – I always see things I want (but rarely buy), and though it is an antiques showroom (actually, several showrooms), it maintains a freshness to it that isn’t always so easy in the antiques world.


Next stop was the Accessory Store next door. Filled with lighting galore and custom lamp shades, it also has pillows, decorative objects, side chairs, baskets, candles, cocktail napkins, and more. A true accessories paradise! Next door to that is Harbor View Antiques, a bit more stodgy, but still worth checking out.

Next up was Hiden Galleries (which also has Lillian August in it FYI – there is no signage for it, perhaps because it is small, but there nonetheless). And next door to that is the Juliska Flagship store – who doesn’t like Juliska?! I poured over their tableware but also noticed they had a lot of other really nice items like some beautiful pillows, throws and picture frames. I quickly ran into (because at this point it was time to get back) Barry and Fred, a fun, more inexpensive place to shop for things like accessories and kids items, with its bright colors and patterns. There is also Hamptons Antiques nearby which I wish I had time for this time around – a big building with several stories of antiques. Last time I was there my mom and I found a beautiful big old chest that the manager gave us a great deal on.

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In driving around I noticed there is a Design Within Reach and some smaller design stores that probably could have kept me there the whole day. But alas I had to get back, ripe full of ideas for my new home, and satiated from all the pretty designs I saw.

Antique and Artisan Center- 69 Jefferson Street

The Accessory Store – 69 Jefferson Street

Harbor View Antiques- 101 Jefferson Street

Hamptons Antique Galleries – 441 Canal Street

Juliska Flagship Store – 465 Canal Street

Barry and Fred – 441 Canal Street

Design Within Reach – 711 Canal Street

Hiden Galleries and Lillian August – 47 John Street

Connecticut Antiques Center – 850 Canal Street

Greenwich Living Antiques and Design – 481 Canal Street


Thanks so much for having me Lorri!


– Corey with fifi + hop


  • Becky Gray

    October 3, 2015 at 10:07 AM Reply

    Very excited to take a day off and follow your stamford furniture tour! I was just wondering where, outside of NYC, can I go and efficiently see a lot of furniture choices in one day. Very timely! I will report back…

    • Lorri Dyner

      October 26, 2015 at 6:26 PM Reply

      Hi Becky – did you do the stamford tour?? I’m so curious to hear what you found! If you have time make sure you check out the Lillian August outlet up in Norwalk. Ohhhhhh, it’s full of good stuff. 🙂

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