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Sucker for the Center Hall Colonial

Sucker for the Center Hall Colonial

“Forget the apartment; all I want in life is a colonial style house.”  I read that on Pinterest today and laughed out loud. It’s a funny and bold comment, but wow did it also really resonate with me. I swear I can’t get the Center Hall Colonial out of my mind!

My husband and I have started looking to move outside of the city (growing family = growing space needs!), and I already know what I want. It looks something like this:

center hall colonial cambridge
{ via Pinterest; this house is in Cambridge, Mass }

Of course, given our budget, most of the houses I’ve seen in the ‘burbs actually look more like this:

run down house



*sigh* what’s a girl to do?  Well, it can’t hurt to dream… 

{ Via Pretty Pink Tulips }
center hall colonial 1



This is the Father of the Bride house, posted below!

father of the bride house
center hall colonial enchanted
{via The Enchanted Home }
center hall colonial 2
center hall colonial 3


center hall colonial 4


{ via Pretty Pink Tulips }
center hall colonial 5
{ Via Pinterest }
center hall colonial night fall
center hall colonial copper roof
House in Connecticut { via Crisp Architects }


Gee, looking at this collection of houses I’ve brought together, seems like there’s a pretty strong theme here.  Can you say WHITE HOUSE and BLACK SHUTTERS?  Funny how we always go back to the same elements again and again.  That must explain why I also have thirteen lipglosses that are basically ALL the same shade.  Once you like something, it’s hard to shake! 


Now, all I have to do is find that Center Hall Colonial (or something like it?) with our name on it. 
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  • Laura Holliday

    March 22, 2012 at 10:11 PM Reply

    I LOVE these houses as well! Find me one in the $80k range…they exist, right? 😉

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