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Why Taxidermy is a Good Idea

Why Taxidermy is a Good Idea

I’ve never been one for taxidermy.  You know what I’m talking about – animal heads, antlers….

thom filicia


But then I saw this room decorated by Thom Filicia… and looked closely… and saw a bit of humor injected into the whole thing.  See the cigarette hanging from the deer’s mouth?


thom filicia deer head closeup

It’s just too brilliant!   It got me thinking.  If done right  – with a bit of whimsy and creativity – maybe taxidermy is a good idea, after all…


There are different ways you can go.  I mean, you could opt for vintage, “for reals” antlers, etc.



living room

Via Country Living


coat check

Via Noir Blanc un Style


But I think I’m partial to the whole “fake” taxidermy trend that’s happening right now.  You name the medium, it’s being used for taxidermy!


This looks to be wood:

white room

Via The Inspired Room

blue room



The plaster / plastic white antlers look like an art installation.

white antlers



This is metal – how amazing is that?  Thom Filicia again, by the way:

thom filicia living room



I just think this wire version would be so perfect for a kids’ room!longhornorange2



I opted for a cardboard version in our basement TV room / playroom.   A fun idea for a room that gets no decorating love.


I like the humor and laid-back vibe this deer brings to the room.  And it helped solve my “what do I put on my walls?” issue:

deer head 4

You can get this cardboard version (in a few different sizes!) at Cardboard Safari.


This is such a cool idea too.  Use any kind of wrapping paper or craft paper on a cardboard deer head.  Think of the possibilities!

red deer head


Find wrapping paper deer head instructions here.


How about this?   Bicycle taxidermy – genius!

bicycle taxidermy 2


Wouldn’t this be great for a family room wall?

wall of bicycle taxidermy



Last but not least, we have the papier mâché deer head.  It’s all the rage!

bookshelf deer



People are crazy for these papier mâché deer heads and there’s good reason!  They really do add a different dimension to a gallery wall, for instance.  You can find these guys at Restoration Hardware and West Elm.

restoration hardware

Via  Restoration Hardware



So there you have it – taxidermy made of everything from cardboard to bicycle parts.   Are you with me?  Isn’t fake taxidermy a great way to add something fun and playful to your wall decor??

  • Claudia

    July 16, 2018 at 9:04 PM Reply

    I have a phobia of real taxidermy so I thought having a bunch of these would be delightfully ironic and fun! Thanks for the ideas 😀

    • Lorri Dyner

      January 23, 2019 at 3:06 PM Reply

      Claudia, you are so welcome! Thanks for your comment!

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