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Baskets Make it Better: 3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Baskets

Baskets Make it Better: 3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Baskets

It’s not a newsflash that baskets are an excellent way to hide clutter.

baskets as storage



But beyond organizing, what about using baskets in other ways?

Natural fibers are really on-trend right now (like sisal rugs and bamboo shades!)… and it doesn’t get cheaper or easier than a basket!

Here are three quick and nifty ways to use baskets around your house.

1)  Basket as a planter

 basket planter 2our living room…


You may already know about my love for the Fiddlehead Fig Houseplant… the basket in place of a planter is what REALLY takes this look to the next level.

Imagine this plant in a boring ceramic planter and then compare it to this basket – so much better, right?  You can get a similar basket from places like Pottery Barn for $130, and I got mine at Home Goods for $60.


2)  Basket as a trash can



You don’t usually think of a trash can as a place to “up” your decor quotient, but doesn’t it make perfect sense?



3)  Basket as Art.  


Ah, yes, the eternal decor question:  “what the heck do I put on my walls??”  Here’s an easy answer:


basket wall art


basket on wall


A great great place for baskets at good prices is HomeGoods if you have one near you; same with Pier One.  Pottery Barn, Wisteria, and Serena and Lily are good online resources as well.

I’ve also had great luck at my local Goodwill store – can you imagine how cheap baskets are there??  I mean literally $1 for something that would be $40 at a store.

And don’t forget to hit the flea markets, tag sales and estate sales that will be popping up this Spring.  TONS of good finds there for sure.


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