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The TODAY Show: Making your Lamp Look like a Million

The TODAY Show: Making your Lamp Look like a Million

I was delighted to return to the TODAY Show yesterday – I divulged all kinds of Decorator Secrets, and today I want to share with you one of my faves.  It’s my Designer Lamp Trick!  

lampshades today show aug 2015


Here’s the deal:  You really can’t tell by just looking at a lamp base if your lamp cost you $400 or $40.  It’s the SHADE that gives it away.  Often, bargain basement lamps boast a really cheap looking shade.  Flimsy, too white.  Fake silk-looking.

So my fun decorator trick?  Find a custom lamp shade for your lamp… and watch your $40 purchase turn into something that really DOES look like $400.

The fun part about all of this is that your custom lamp shade doesn’t have to totally break the bank.  I came across this lovely lady Dana and her Etsy shop Lamp Shade Designs , and her shades start at $60.  She uses designer fabrics and her lampshades are flawless.  I loved them so much I used them in my TODAY Show segment!

Here are some of my favorites:


Another great place to find classic, simple shades is Ballard Designs.  (And if you’re ever in the market for mini-shades for your chandelier, this is THE place to go):  linen shade chandelier

Also, I recommend checking out LampsPlus for some good pops of color + cool patterns, and pretty reasonable prices.  Here’s one of my faves:

lamps plus shade

Via LampsPlus

Below you can find my Designer Secrets segment from yesterday if you’d like to check it out!  (Or you can find the video here).




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